Top 5 Free Workout Apps to Maintain Fitness You Cannot Miss

The workout apps on smartphones are an effective solution for those who dream of owning a toned, healthy body. You want to exercise methodically and according to the schedule but are too busy and do not have enough time to go to the gym. Why is the free home exercise app so popular? Which is the best choice for you? Join us to learn and discover the top 5 free workout apps in the following article!


FitOn is rated as one of the most comprehensive applications available today for home exercise. The software supports many different exercises, from forms of exercise, such as push-ups, yoga, plank to cardio, meditation.

In addition to hundreds of exercise videos on the platform, FitOn also allows users to work out with celebrities. The application also integrates features to track training, calculate, and recommend appropriate exercises with high personalization.

FitOn is the leading free fitness app in the world today.

FitOn is rated 4.9 stars on the App Store and 4.8 stars on the Play Store. Users download the software for free but have to pay for some advanced features or block ads. FitOn is one of the best home workout apps that people love in 2021.


JEFIT provides detailed, specific exercises. Each exercise has been clearly defined as important positions to practice on the body through video instructions. This app is completely free. You can do many exercises in this app.

7 Minute Workout 

7 Minute Workouts app is aimed at people who want an intense workout at home. 7 Minute Workout is rated 4.8 stars on the App Store and 4.1 stars on the Play Store.

As the name suggests, the exercises inside 7 Minute Workout are professionally designed with more than 200 exercises. They are calculated so that users can practice in the shortest time and still achieve certain effects. Exercises range from easy to difficult, with voice and video instructions.

In addition, the app is also compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit to track your workouts and calories burned. However, the application also contains ads inside, some features you must purchase to use.

Instantly achieve your fitness goals at home with the 7 Minute Workout app every day.


Perhaps, Strava is the most beneficial running and cycling app at the moment. Strava helps measure all your speed, time, heart rate, altitude metrics when exercising. In particular, the built-in Suffer Score feature in the application will assess your difficulty level through each exercise.

Strava is similar to a social networking site. You can easily upload photos and videos directly to this app. Then, Strava users will share, giving the most helpful advice for your exercise.

Plank Workout

Plank Workout is aimed at users who like a plank. Plank is an elbow-support position but holds for as long as possible, which works best for the abs. The application is developed by Sweatband and released for free on two platforms Play Store and App Store. It is one of the best free workout apps worth experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The advantage of Plank Workout is the richness of exercises and ease of implementation, divided into three levels for beginners, trained and advanced programs. The app also calculates calories burned and exercise time in the form of a visual graph.

You can burn fat and maintain a slim waistline with the Plank Workout app.

However, the software was judged to be inaccurate in its ability to count calories burned during exercise. It is not syncing with popular health applications. In addition, users need to spend money to buy advanced features.

We have just provided you with the most detailed information about the top 5 best free workout apps available today. You can choose one of these apps to maintain your fitness according to your wishes. Wish you are always healthy and have a balanced body.

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